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Mizumi – New Romo Black Edition 2019 Collection

Through a harmonious collaboration with Japanese artist, Katsutoshi Yuasa, Black Edition have embarked on an exploration of time-honoured Japanese printmaking practises where traditional and contemporary techniques intertwine. Using digital images curated from his own camera, Katsutoshi creates intricate woodcut prints methodically crafted with small carving tools. Once complete, he uses an entirely manual printing method to create his artwork. Abstract stories and landscapes from Katsutoshi Yuasa’s collection are reimagined in a rich anthology of luxury fabrics. Mizumi sees colourful, contemporary designs embodied with textural sensation adorn opulent velvets, sophisticated linens and indulgent jacquard weaves.

Join the Adventure! New Picturebook Collection by Villa Nova

PICTUREBOOK, An Adventure in Illustration by Villa Nova.
Take a hop, skip and jump into an imaginative world of illustration where extraordinary beings, teeny tiny insects and magnificent, colourful characters roam free. Shown here: Frann Preston-Gannon illustrates the lush and exotic “Dusky Amazon.” Explore all the worlds of PICTUREBOOK at