Synonymous with elegant designs enhanced by refined detailing and expertly sourced raw materials, Atelier Purcell crafts a new aesthetic language for the luxury sector.

Reflecting the vision of Creative Director, Alexander Purcell Rodrigues, Atelier Purcell redefines tradition while respecting the functional demands of contemporary life. With his wealth of design experience creating products for leading international brands including Holly Hunt, Promemoria, Link Outdoor and De Castelli, Purcell Rodrigues brings a holistic narrative and immersive vision to the built environment and everything that sits within.

Atelier Purcell distinguishes itself by its use of innovative methods that harness state-of-the-art technologies and traditional production techniques. Using cutting-edge design and fabrication processes combined with natural materials, Atelier Purcell creates unique products that define 21st century craftsmanship becoming heirlooms of the future.