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Charming and Gorgeous Makes Your Life Charming & Gorgeous!

Just in time for the Holiday Season, Charming and Gorgeous offers couture gift wrapping services that will turn your presents into works of beauty.  A lifestyle consultant and event planner, Erica Liscano started her company to her assist clients fine-tune their sense of style.  As the holidays draw close and you begin to feel overwhelmed, Charming and Gorgeous is a the only resource for your gift-wrapping.  (Erica is chic, talented, and a visionary!)

Please click the image below for additional information.

Outfest Legacy Awards

The 2011 Outfest Legacy Awards will be held on Thursday, October 20th.  The Legacy Project for LGBT Film Preservation, in collaboration with the UCLA Film & Television Archive, is the first film preservation program in the world dedicated to saving and protecting LGBT cinema.  Tickets go on sale on September 15th.  Further information will be posted as the event draws closer.  Please click the photo below to learn more information about the Legacy Project.

The China Study

A colleague recently recommended The China Study by T. Colin Campbell.  It clearly and powerfully elucidates how  the health of Americans (and the industrialized world) continues to grow worse because of our “affluent diet” – we eat like “kings and queens” of historical times every day.

We are leading our youth down a path of disease earlier in their lives while the War on Cancer has been a failure.

The issue comes down to three things:   breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

If you want to rock your world and experience a health revolution, pick up this book (from your Independant book store) today!

Texas’s Best Kept Secret

Before the 1970’s Marfa, Texas was probably best known for the scenic landscapes which were featured in the 1956 Warner Bros. film “Giant”.  But that all changed when artist Donald Judd took a liking to the small town and began permanently installing his minimalist art.  Judd believed that an artists’ intent is to showcase their work on a permanent basis, and he set out to acquire spaces where large collections could find a final venue.

Judd in the early 90’s

Today, Marfa still retains its’ small-town charm but has also turned into an artists’ enclave.  Supported by the Chianti Foundation and the Judd Foundation who combine their efforts to host an annual Open House where artists, collectors and art enthusiasts come from around the world to check out Marfa’s art scene.  In 2000, The Lannan Foundation established a writers-in-residence program and Ballroom Marfa is a multi-functional art space that tends to feature up-and -comers and can host various forms of performance art.  Hopefully the charm of Marfa will remain the same now that the secret is out.