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We Are Troscan

Material and process. While there are multiple steps in the journey from conception to fabrication, the essence of our approach is to embrace the fundamental characteristics of the stuff at hand — metal, wood, stone — and allow those essential properties to remain central to the function, comfort, and purpose of the final design. Combining industrial methods and hand craftsmanship, our manufacturing process is keyed to respecting the inherent essential qualities of the chosen material to achieve a purposeful and beautiful relationship between how a piece is made and how it looks.

Committed to unadorned simplicity, we strive to produce furnishings that are authentically original — sound and pleasing to the eye and body, pieces that are not everyday, yet that make sense every day.

Husband and wife, Deirdre Jordan and Bob Robinson founded Troscan In 1999. Deirdre holds a masters of fine art in interior architecture from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Bob trained in furniture design at the Rochester Institute of Technology and holds a BFA in sculpture from the the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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