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Thomas Lavin featured on What to Look out for in 2024

The collections that need to be on everyone’s radar for 2024. View the article on Galerie here.

Thomas Lavin showroom image on Galerie
Intro paragraph to Thomas Lavin feature on Galerie with photo of Thomas Lavin

Henry Kim ceramics

1. Henry Kim

“I recently met Henry through writer and curator Michael Slenske and was just immediately entranced by his work,” says Lavin. “The functional ceramic objects he creates in his design studio HYUNUKO really push the boundaries of form, color, and texture. While giving nod to the work of the Haas Brothers, where he was head of ceramics for many years, his work is truly his own. I’m thrilled to have him in my showroom and look forward to each delivery he brings us.”

Alexander Lamont Furniture

2. Alexander Lamont

“The beauty of Alexander Lamont’s work is in the breadth of style, form, materials, and textures that he uses to create his truly unique pieces. I’m always surprised by what his workshops turn out and love showcasing the playful and refined pieces like the artworks they are. We never know what we are going to get, but always know that it’s going to be high-quality and beautiful.”

Rugs by Rosemary Hallgarten

3. Rosemary Hallgarten

“Rosemary’s focus on the artisan process and the richness of textures truly sets her collections apart from others. Her innate sense for color and the tactile is unequaled as is her ability to collaborate with clients to create truly bespoke pieces. We’re always thrilled when she comes to town to debut her new designs and install them in her super stylish boutique at the showroom.”

John Pomp lighting

4. John Pomp

“I’m always excited to see what John is going to do next. Everything that comes out of his Philadelphia shop is stunning and, I believe, a future collectible. His segue from hand-blown glass lighting to an expanded oeuvre offering sculptural furniture has been seamless. We’re excited to be debuting a devoted John Pomp gallery.”

Wallpapers by Fromental and Area Environments

5. Wallpaper from Fromental and Area Environments

“Wall coverings have always been a passion for me, and I’m excited about the offerings we have on tap for the coming months—especially the collections from Area Environments and Fromental, two very different companies that both focus on the artist’s touch. Fromental is the height of bespoke, focusing on hand-embroidery and painting, and truly special embellishments. Area Environments finds the most extraordinary artists from around the world—Aadil Abedi, Emily Donovan, Jason Lai, and Miles Regis are some who have visited us recently—and helps them translate their work in to amazing wall coverings. All are digitally printed and delivered within about three weeks.”

View the article on Galerie here.