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New Architectural Lighting Collection from Jonathan Browning Studios

Industrial lighting design and modern style is identifiable throughout Jonathan Browning’s new architectural lighting collection.

The new line is unlike any other collection Jonathan Browning Studios has ever created or manufactured in the past 14 years. Compared to his past collections, Jonathan wanted this new collection to fill a lighting fixture need that was not being fulfilled throughout the industry.

“I have a very exciting large initiative underway. We have designed and launched a large line of technical lighting. These are architectural lights for the home. Task lights, flush mount fixtures, path lights, modern can lights in bronze — a wide range of serious, architectural lights, all designed in bronze and brass, using some lead crystal and handcrafted porcelain.” —Jonathan Browning

The new collection introduces​ a modern take on the classic Hollywood dressing room vanity light. As well as a simple, yet elegant take on a waterproof outdoor light, task light, flush mount and sculptural lights.

“Beautiful vanity lights are hard to come by, so we designed one that is both glamorous and modern. We wanted it to appeal to the 21st century woman, so customers can use either clear bulbs for a more classic Hollywood appeal or a mirrored bulb for a more sensual appeal.” —Jonathan Browning

View the Jonathan Browning Studios line here.