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Chris Trueman Exhibition Now at TL

Edward Cella Art & Architecture presents a new body of works by Chris Trueman in an exhibition entitled, Absence of Atmosphere. Embracing a world of emptiness, where everything seems to exist on the verge of dissolution or liquefaction; Trueman creates layered supercharged compositions of gestural paintings with shifting grounds and unsettled relationships of foreground and background.

In the artist’s third solo show with the gallery, Trueman marks a new relationship in his practice with the Light and Space movement so indelible to the art of the West Coast. Confronting the perfection of surface, the new paintings are punctuated with unstable fluctuations and reversals yet saturated with daring atmospheric spectrums.


View the exhibition in person Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM with appropriate social distancing measures in place. On view through April 2.

For further information or to schedule a tour with Edward Cella, please email or call 323 525 0053. Or contact your TL sales associate.