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Archive for Month: September 2020

Shahla Friberg: Redirection, a new exhibition at TL

at Thomas Lavin, Pacific Design Center

Edward Cella Art & Architecture presents Shahla Friberg: Redirection, a solo exhibition of gleaming and reflective glass sculptures of Shahla Friberg radiate like beacons drawing us in to experience new realities. Featuring both free standing and wall mounted forms of mirrored and stained glass; the unique hand-built construction engages viewers with surprising vistas and visceral experiences of color and light. The sparkling works ultimately alter our expectations and, by extension, perception itself.

The centerpiece of the exhibition is a massive wall installation of mirrored glass entitled, Glissando. Taken from the musical term that describes the continuous glide or sweep from one pitch to another; Friberg’s selection of the title underscores her work’s essential relationship with movement. Although static, each sculpture offers a kinetic, immersive experience mediated by the viewer’s movement and interactions. Activated and becoming further alive with the daily and seasonal shifts of sunlight reflected in their prism like surfaces; Friberg engages with fundamentals of time, space, and dimension.


View the exhibition in person by appointment Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM with appropriate social distancing measures in place.

For further information or to schedule a tour with Edward Cella, please email or call 323 525 0053. Or contact your TL sales associate.