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Archive for Month: March 2019

Tibor’s “Collingo” Color for March is Kingfisher

Our friends at Tibor are inspiring us with a ‘Collingo’ Calendar. They’re sending a color for each month. The month of March is KINGFISHER.

‘Collingo’ is Tibor’s unique colour language created in 1956. Sixty years later Tibor still uses this system in their design studio when dealing with color.

The color spectrum, derived from the earth to the sun, is divided into tonal color groups. It’s Tibor’s way of organizing colors.

Tibor Reich however, used it for every day life, in his house, on his folders, filing cabinets, telephones, fabric ranges and diaries – a true pioneer!

Fabrics featured: Cymbeline Kingfisher front and back
Image Credit: Charles Burnand

Tailor-Made from Samuel & Sons

Introducing Tailor-Made – the first in a new series of videos produced by Samuel & Sons taking you behind the scenes in some of the industry’s top trade workrooms. Through the Tailor-Made series, you’ll discover inspiring trim applications while learning construction and sewing techniques from the experts. We begin with Grant Trick of Birmingham, Alabama, who shares his approach to seamlessly joining a twist cord.

Samuel & Sons is represented by Thomas Lavin at Laguna Design Center.

View the full story on the Samuel & Sons Site.

Join Us for WESTWEEK 2019

Intersections: Art, Design and Collecting

Wednesday, March 20, NOON – 1:00 PM

Pacific Design Center, Suite B310

Art and design are often treated as separate worlds, but those boundaries are rapidly dissolving. How exactly does art interact with design? Does one influence the other? And how does art collecting mesh with interior design? Join art dealer Edward Cella, Zinc Textile designer Justin Marr, and showroom owner Thomas Lavin to explore what you need to know about the intersection of art and design today. Moderated by DesignLA editor-in-chief Michael Wollaeger.


Artists, Artisans & Business: Making the Magic Happen

Thursday, March 21, 11 AM – NOON

Pacific Design Center, Suite B310

Join multi-disciplinary masters Jiun Ho and John Pomp for a conversation with Krissa Rossbund, Senior Style Editor at Traditional Home magazine. Exploring what it takes to keep the flame burning for your passions—whether that be glass-blowing, designing fantastic product, or traveling the world—while building and running a successful global business. Listen in as these design masters share the joys and pitfalls of being a creative talent in today’s high-pressure world.