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Archive for Month: June 2018

New Ombres from Rosemary Hallgarten

In every Hallgarten original you can see the influences that have shaped her brand. From the first hand hooking needle her mother gave her when she began making rugs, to the centuries old techniques using Alpaca learned in Peru, there is an undeniable passion for craftsmanship. Hallgarten takes these influences and modernizes them creating a distinctive aesthetic of rich and luxurious textures with all her rugs, fabrics and throws which are suitable for every room in the house. Through the use of sophisticated natural fibers such as alpaca, silk, linen and merino wool, the Rosemary Hallgarten collection is synonymous with sumptuous softness, contrasting textures and an elegant color palate. All Rosemary Hallgarten rugs are custom and handmade, allowing designers to create unique pieces for their clients. Her distinctive and long standing range of ombre fabrics and throws are now a classic and also customizable, while her growing range of mainly handcrafted fabrics are stocked. This boutique approach allows interior designers the ability to transform their client’s homes with authentic, modern design or as some would say…veritable works of art!

View Rosemary Hallgarten here.

New Architectural Lighting Collection from Jonathan Browning Studios

Industrial lighting design and modern style is identifiable throughout Jonathan Browning’s new architectural lighting collection.

The new line is unlike any other collection Jonathan Browning Studios has ever created or manufactured in the past 14 years. Compared to his past collections, Jonathan wanted this new collection to fill a lighting fixture need that was not being fulfilled throughout the industry.

“I have a very exciting large initiative underway. We have designed and launched a large line of technical lighting. These are architectural lights for the home. Task lights, flush mount fixtures, path lights, modern can lights in bronze — a wide range of serious, architectural lights, all designed in bronze and brass, using some lead crystal and handcrafted porcelain.” —Jonathan Browning

The new collection introduces​ a modern take on the classic Hollywood dressing room vanity light. As well as a simple, yet elegant take on a waterproof outdoor light, task light, flush mount and sculptural lights.

“Beautiful vanity lights are hard to come by, so we designed one that is both glamorous and modern. We wanted it to appeal to the 21st century woman, so customers can use either clear bulbs for a more classic Hollywood appeal or a mirrored bulb for a more sensual appeal.” —Jonathan Browning

View the Jonathan Browning Studios line here.

A View Into John Pomp Studios

John Pomp is an artist, painter and sculptor, who has spent over 20 years perfecting the art of glassmaking. His passion for craftsmanship developed early from watching his father work as a carpenter. He was introduced to glassblowing in his youth, and formalized his training by learning the ancient art of Venetian glassblowing from glass maestros in Murano, Italy.

John spent his early career in New York City, where he gained notoriety for his artistic collections primarily handcrafted from glass. Using a blend of classical and contemporary techniques, John creates forms that appear as nature might have intended. Inspired by the philosophy of wabi-sabi, John articulates the purity of natural materials, embracing their elemental qualities to yield an organic, modern aesthetic.

In 2008, John established his eponymous, multi-disciplinary studio in Philadelphia. Together with his specialized team of artists and craftsmen, he produces each of his designs by hand. His lighting and furniture collections, which essentially meld his Eastern heritage with his Western background, bring together glass, metal, leather and wood, all age-old crafts. Each John Pomp piece is highly refined and celebrates the hands that brought it to life.

View John Pomp lighting here. View John Pomp furniture here.