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Vendor Spotlight: David Bonk, Surfaces


david-bonkAn artist from an early age and inspired by the world around him, David Bonk has created hand painted wall covering out of his studio in San Francisco since 1988. The initial drive for his work came from a trip to Europe during his senior year in high school in which he was inspired by the beauty and permanence of renaissance art and architecture. He later moved to Los Angeles in 1980 and enjoyed success as a faux finisher. Seeking the freedom to expand upon his creations he began applying his work to wall covering and Surfaces was born. Knowing he wanted to imbue his work with the qualities he saw in Europe he chose to work on canvas rather than a traditional paper. Working with this unique material he has created a product that transcends the notion of hand painted by creating durable, practical wall coverings that are instilled with modern sophisticated elegance. His wall coverings are all easily customized in both color and pattern, are class A fire rated, wipeable and suitable for commercial spaces as well as residential kitchens and bathrooms.

View Surfaces by David Bonk on the TL site.