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Outfest Legacy Awards

Please join me on Saturday evening, October 13th for a watershed moment in history:  The presentation of Different than the Others by Magnus Hirschfeld.  The details of this movie are attached, but for quick reference:

  • Movie      made in 1919 by Magnus Hirschfeld – a gay, Jewish doctor who studied and      advocated for gay rights
  • When      the Nazis took power and destroyed everything they considered outsider or      deviant, it included Hirschfeld’s library which was burned and      filmed.  They destroyed all LGBT films with the exception of Different      than the Others which had been smuggled out of Germany.
  • The      Outfest Legacy Project, in conjunction with the UCLA Film & Television      Archive has restored the film
  • When      it debuts on October 13th at the Orpheum Theater, it will be      the oldest LGBT film; we will accompany the debut with organ music      composed for the film
  • The      David Bohnett Foundation awarded us $40,000 towards educational packages      that we will put together and distribute in California.  As you know.      The Governor signed into law last year that LGBT contributions to society      and history must be taught in schools.
  • The      evening is monumental because of this movie’s place in history, its      importance to the LGBT, Jewish, restoration communities
  • The      evening is going to be fun  (and I am wearing a Kaftan)

The invitation is below outlining our awardees.  You may purchase tickets at  When you purchase your ticket, please mark my name on the pull-down menu and let me know – then we will sit together!LEGACY_CARD_FRONTONLY