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Archive for Month: June 2012

Hammer : Made in LA 2012


The first Los Angeles biennial, Made in L.A. 2012, organized by the Hammer Museum in collaboration with LAXART, will be presented at the Hammer, LAXART, and the Department of Cultural Affairs’ Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdall Park. The exhibition will feature works by 60 artists from the L.A. region, with an emphasis on emerging and under-recognized artists, and will debut new installations, videos, films, sculptures, performances, and paintings produced for the biennial. This exhibition will offer a snapshot of the current trends and practices coming out of Los Angeles, one of the most active and energetic art communities worldwide. The biennial is organized by a team of curators from both institutions, including Hammer senior curator Anne Ellegood, Hammer curator Ali Subotnick, LAXART director and chief curator Lauri Firstenberg, LAXART associate director and senior curator Cesar Garcia, and LAXART curator-at-large Malik Gaines. In conjunction with Made in L.A. 2012 curator Ali Subotnick is also organizing the Venice Beach Biennial on July 13–15, 2012.


Venice Beach Biennial July 13–15 I Venice Beach Boardwalk The Venice Beach Biennial (VBB), a weekend event that makes tongue-in-cheek reference to the “real” Venice Biennale in Italy, treats the famed Venice Beach boardwalk, Ocean Front Walk, as an outdoor exhibition venue. Over the course of the weekend, some 25-30 artists will set up vending stands alongside the veteran boardwalk artists, exhibiting new bodies of work, collaborating with the veterans on new projects, displaying site-specific sculptures or installations, and presenting live performances. The Venice Beach Biennial is presented in conjunction with Made in L.A. 2012 and directed by Hammer curator Ali Subotnick.

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GoDesignGo – Featuring Lara Lienhard, Rosemary Hallgarten and Cortina Leathers


Here is a look at GoDesignGo’s Blog: “What’s New Thomas Lavin?”

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“We’ve got a soft spot for the latest additions to the Thomas Lavin showroom at the PDC. We asked Lavin himself what he loves about three completely different textiles, which were introduced during Westweek.”

Laura Lienhard‘s Marble collection [pictured below], which is printed in Italy, epitomizes what I love about the RISD’s graduates work. When I first started working with her, I was captivated by her prints and her sophisticated palette. Laura and I share a fondness for fashion and her work reflects this: designers such as Givenchy, Balenciaga, and Chloe come to mind when using her new textiles.”


Rosemary Hallgarten is a painter and an artist. We started together 10 years ago when Rosemary was making rugs in Peru. Her empire has expanded to include hand-woven and hand-painted textiles; she has an Ombre that Michael Berman based on an original pattern of hers and it morphed from the quintessential Michael Berman green to white for 20 foot ceilings.”


Cortina is the coolest leather company in town! Elayne Siegman founded it after most people retire and almost 30 years later, she inspires everyone she meets. Cortina has access to fashion tanneries in Italy which allow them to introduce the most extraordinary hides throughout the year. They range from antiqued to metallic, like the new Glitterati line [seen below] and there is always stock.”

“Vito” to open 30th anniversary edition of Outfest

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Outfest will present its 16th annual Achievement Award to filmmaker, author and artist John Waters. The Achievement Award is Outfest’s highest honor and is presented in recognition of a body of work that has made a significant contribution to LGBT film and media. John Waters is a filmmaker, visual artist, author, comedian, and essayist. With films ranging from the taboo-pushing PINK FLAMINGOS to the teen-dance spectacular HAIRSPRAY, Waters and his work have been unapologetically queer, championing outside values and personal expression in a world that rarely appreciates difference. The Achievement Award will be presented to Waters prior to the Opening Night Gala screening of “Vito” on Thursday, July 12 at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles.