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Syrie Maugham

syrie maugham book

Dear friend and Thomas Lavin vendor Gary Hutton is in town for WestWeek. He picked up this amazing book on Syrie Maugham and we thumbed through it last night. Syrie Maugham, wife of Somerset, “a trendsetter, fashion icon… created an ultra-chic world that was as unique as it was influential. Her ethereal all-white rooms of the 1920s and 30s were echoed in high-style interiors around the world and translated into sets for movies and theatrical productions. Much of the look we associate with the Hollywood glamour of the time owes its simple elegance to Maugham’s pared-down aesthetic.” —from the Acanthus Press site. Required viewing.

And, be sure to stop by the showroom this week for WestWeek 2011.